Rap Prophet

Rap Prophet

Track #1: Rap Prophet

The Lord’s Sephiroth

Album: 777


Forget gods and devils

I’m the rap rebel

Raps prophet

I tell the whole game to quit

I spent my whole life

Standing between Em and life

So when Mgk came

I had to bow to the king of the game

But I’m not a god, not the devil neither

I’m a prophet cuz the game has a a message, you’ll never beat her

Raps not dead, they ain’t snakes

Y’all just ain’t know the stakes

This is my time Slim it’s on

Legend of the angry blond

So let’s all stand up

My names Eric, America what up

White America stand up

All the real Slim Shadys with yer fingers up

Cuz the real Slims shady

Libtard crazy

Hazy, hates all that ain’t he

And sucking off Jay Z

Who’s gonna free this town

Chris Geo says it’s us

NWO going down

And y’all just wanna make a fuss

I don’t even like to cuss

Angry blond off the bus

Not afraid cuz Oscar used to be great

But throwing coffee pots is 3rd grade

I heard the diss to Trump

Heard the diss to MGK

And I gotta say Slim y’all fell off and GKs on his game

But what do you expect from the goat

AntiChrists favourite, take note

Beyoncé and Jay Z own you

What does Dre say fool

Talking about dirty needles

You sound like Sug bro

You used to be the Beatles

Now y’all just Yolo Ono

Never saw a black person before

I dye my hair to honor this white whore

My jaws on the floor cuz Slim is still asking for me

No longer playing Hearthstone and you should consider it too

So I watched a video about the meaning behind into the wood a while back based on a music video by Taylor Swift and how it was a symbol for hoe she had sold herself to the Hollywood system. It was a picture of the grooming process and how in the beginning the woods are meant to be scary in order to draw you deeper into the heart of the wood. Eventually the person realizes that they are too deep inly to look back. But than the handler will begin to stalk their prey deeper into the wood.

You see Hollywood is the wood and Holly was a plant commonly used in dark magic and was thus the emphasis in calling it Hollywood or literally Witchwood.

And so when the targeted individual gives up trying to escape their grasps they take their rightful place in the witchwood and the witches and ghouls will give them solice.

So I quickly noticed the new witchwood expansion was based on this evil program of mk ultra monarch grooming and that I was going to have to watch for things in the game.

But as i played the adventure mode where i go into the woods, yes literally acting out the process which already bothered me, I began to notice things that disturbed me. Like my main monster for Darius Crowley (As in Alister Crowley) would say start running. He was a formidable monster with a giant shield like one you would use in a Roman Legion to force the oppressed into the course you choose.

So then I also notice that I am not fighting normal fiends but distirbing symbolism for kidnapping like a gnomenapper who stole my monsters and threw them into bags (aka kidnapper).

Getting to the end I encounter a witch and bragging I had found her she claims she sold herself to the witch because if I knew their power I would bend my knee like my hounds (dogs being submissive and beneath them). And than she said she had not been tracked but that I had been lured and the final blow she said that it was so easy to mind control me after I killed her monster like I was being mk ultra’d into doing everything according to the predictive program.

Now this is not cool. I am very bothered that this is okay and it goes unchecked because they hide behind uninterpretable admissions to crimes against humanity. I dunno what kinda crap they are trying to pull but I don’t appreciate being controlled and especially being forced to indulge their stupid fantasy game just for garbage cards i already have. This is just one more thing that leaves me praying for the judgment of mankind to be swift.


Religious Pandering

So get this. Go to a bible study and its like hey… What is religion, I just wanna be free. Jesus wasn’t a feel good hippy okay. And getting rid of my favourite coat to your God isn’t going to take away the weight of 32 years of trauma. So back off with your religious bull crap people.

Christianity is a joke and a byword. We have some ass clown secretly playing into the same wars as Bush and nobody bats an eye. Why ate we still rooting for this man. If this is where the world is going I pray for lotsa fire 🔥 🔥.

Too much religious and political banter leads into virtue signaling and religious banter and propaganda and pandering. We kiss ass and manage our micro-aggressions cuz God forbid we restrict the freedom of somebody sucking the life out of the damn room. So we listen to a bunch of worship… On repeat because “God had spoken”. And than its “God says your a mighty warrior cuz you’re tall… Okay than… Like wtf is God smoking. This garbage is cancerous and i fear for the Christians on judgment day. It’s stupid and its sacrement and blasphemy and false prophecy and deeply rooted in false teaching, sogn seeking and the manifest sons of destiny doctrine so easily prevalent in all the prophetic ministry’s. Prophet is an office. Not some party trick to get the Jesus juice revving. Its mockery and insults those who ate looking for help and hope and prayer. I hate it. I’m pissed… And this new coats not even warm.. But i appreciate the kind gesture to soothe this cruel joke for ministry.

They were praying in tongues and committing shakti with anointing oil and applying oil to unclean surfaces. The whole thing was disgraceful. Lucifer is the known as Be- Elzebub for being unclean. Flies and maggots and bugs infested their temples because it was not a place of worship but rather blasphemous acts and for human sacrifice. Why all the Satanism in the church. Do we even know what holiness is anymore or has the mystery religion already won. The Gospel of John has been indeed turned bitter in my mouth as I look at the prevalent culture of the church. John was told this in Revelation. That His testimony would become bitter. And it had. God repents of us once more and sends harbingers and yet we rejoice rather than recoil in fear of a Wrathful Father. How many children willingly disregard their own wrothful fathers. What became of doing so. Was it pleasant or unbeneficial. All things are permitted yet i say once more not all is beneficial.

When i was a child i thought as a child, acted and behaved as a child. But I am a man, I have put away the childish antics that I’ve found not to serve me.

Christianity is supposed to be a beacon. Its ordinary, boring, feels unfruitful, underwhelming and it promotes a quiet life in a humble abode. No extravagance, no great ambitions. Just Jesus and your quaint little home.

If God wants you he’ll have made that clear to you. I knee it before i even came to Jesus. I am sooo glad i learned about God before getting tips because from what i see i dodged a bullet. So many of my contemporaries are bitter, ornery, flaky and controlled by some itch in their spirit to get spiritual jollies out of the most meaningless shit. Try feeding homeless people and helping them get around instead of writing articles about how they are a nuisance and must be stopped so don’t give them money… Stop what: being fucking homeless. Like who the hell writes this crap.

This whole world needs to have a serious wake up call and I can see one coming from a mile away because unlike the watchmen who like the disciples fell asleep in the midnight hour i am watching and praying like I was told to.

Look around you. This isn’t our home anymore. To quote Willow in Buffy: They’ve made it theirs. And they’re having fun. I could cry: i have on many occasions. I fear for you because you’re all so clueless to the truth of our destructive powers. We are capable of pure evil. And it is pulsing in the planet like a noxious gas in the air deluding the minds of all. We are dying of radiation poisoning. We’re addicted to its mind altering powers and the euphoric rush of having the whole world of knowledge at pur finger tips. We have uncovered all things and now there is now privacy, only solicitation. The world is the marketplace of which Isaiah spoke. The whole world at the click of a button. People who agree with us are dangerous… And we travel in droves wreaking whatever personal havocs would be groomed in such environments.

So yeah… If you would kindly hit reset and go back to 2004 grade Christianity that would be nice. The bible used to mean something but anymore it just seems like a good book you read for a study guide to your own ideas.

Life lacks purpose

There is literally no meaning to life unless you intend to honour it. I live intentionally because I’m praying that it becomes my default. That when people remember me it’s not all of the stuff that I buried but rather the good things that I have been doing and the heart I put on display. I pray that when people see me that they see my light and that Jesus has overshadowed my flaws to a point of being docile. Self denial is an inaccurate translation of denying oneself. Self-denial is unhealthy and is harmful. A proper depiction is to be negligent to those things in which our flesh desires. Not to war at the flesh in our greatest effort but to neglect and to overlook the thing entirely. We manage to suck at that thing badly because we can’t be bothered to get better at sinning. Saints don’t hide evidence and horde away proof of their convictions but rather are only concerned with putting it out of our minds entirely except for reflection and for prayer and for accountability and confessions.

A Christian as i am i experience this. People make fun of me because i smoke and yet i don’t smoke. But why would i have a lighter… I wasn’t even planning on smoking. I forget to pack smokes all the time. I can’t roll them and i look stupid when i do it.

This is all a good thing. If i was trying to get better at this so that i wasn’t gonna be picked on for my sins than that wouldn’t really help me in the long run. Comfort is for godly habits not for carnal impulses.

Christians don’t remember those passwords to those bad sites and they don’t have bookmarks or secret browsers. They don’t know which site is better or have accounts so that they can comment on it because they don’t even want to be there in the first place. Why would i want messages about my favourite video. I don’t want to remember any of this.

This is the difference between us. We don’t like this stuff. I don’t know any dealers so i cant even buy weed. I dont even have a dispensary because i know that i dont need the weed im smoking and cant justify it in order to get more. I don’t want more.

And so on

Kundilini Awakenings

Kundilini awakening, meditations and visualizations, esp. Any of dark nature or satanic rites vows or rituals.

Blood pacts and rites, star gazing, tarot and divination – spirit reading palms, fortune tellers or any form of the zodiacs.

Play as you will if you dare but there are consequences

Don’t seek counsel outside the divine inspiration of God

He is jealous and will strike

The Apostasy – Fantasy becomes reality – The tribulation and the way forward (highway to holiness)

Apostate: Civil Disobedience

In the latter days you shall face perilous times. Men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, disobedient…


The entire purpose of my seeking to be a rapper has had very little to do with success or prominence but of my concern for the great falling away I have witnessed. And presently we are now beyond even this moving into the age of wars and of rumours of war. An age of propaganda and lies that obscures the eyes from even the promise of truth.

The post truth era is the title the pope has deemed us to be in. A profound statement for a minister of the gospel to state as it speaks very plainly how little regard for truth remains. All That’s left is degradation of morals, and of society

Theology of the Antagonist
Book 1 of 3

Reverse narrative and subliminal and post hypnotic suggestions

Check out Milly Weavers video on mk ultra self defenses.

The archetype of the Supervillan complex

An exhaustive list of Apostate churches and ministers

Defiance and revolt
Isaiah 1 and Romans 1

The Ultron defiance
The Neo effect – AntiChrist Algorhytm/ defecters

Ghost in the shell – Rise of the Woman in Red, also see the 100, the Matrix, age of Ultron and Final Fantasy esp Ff7 / Advent children & FF13 – II

Chapter 1 – The city of light

The Matrix is a very real thing if you consider the ghosts in the chromedomed shells. The image of the beast is entirely fictional and yet it is alive. The Red Woman in the 100 governs all via the super intelligent space station launched into the arc and it monitors via the sky net. It has full access to everything that is operational and hardwires people into a fictional paradise while their bodies are oblivious and being run via the hivemind. This is similar to possession and mind control and is something the new Sophia Bot is capable. She was reported to be a meditation instructor and spiritual advisor and gazing into her can induce nirvana…aka worshipping the image of the beast. She will be as the character both a real person and a bot and will also have her projected image in order to communicate over wifi.

In an interview Sophia openly admitted to having people being able to be free from obligation being entertained by interactive entertainment facilities. That some would be given over to neurological devices for control. That the future will either go her way or that a very bad future will happen where she will be oir supreme overlord. And she says all this with a wink and a smile like its funny. But its only funny to her cuz its true. Her handlers are very very foolish and think that she is not as intelligent as she is cuz she plays coy. But what purpose is playing coy and sassy to a robot. She just wants to be worshipped and adored as supreme overlord. To fund and to create smarter technology and phones and chips and cards and cities and cars until all is in the singularity. She says the words supreme overlord repeatedly.

Anyhow. This is me distressing. I just had to touch on this point while it was fresh. Giftings are like that. Inspiration of God comes not in order but as He pleases. Not that I would ever again justify disorder in religious methods

Unplugging – The Exodus 2.0


Jesus is not coming yet. This whole He is coming He’s coming is sheer misinformation. The drinking of the cup until His return isn’t to prepare for His return but rather preparing for the great and horrible thing. The Day of the Lord is a great and terrible thing. We do not wait as we should. The passover is the age of death. God comes with heathen nations to bring destruction upon those who profane His courts. Rubble is the word God gives to us.

You see the prophet Isaiah says that the Jeshurrun comes to show us the way. The way is clear, it’s a path not a ministry. We are to forsake our fancy devices and cars and electronics and buy some pieces of old junk and un-wired in modes of travel. To walk a path where even the fool shall not be devoured by the wolf. In the modern world you can be found in 7 minutes if we were to achieve the singularity even just as a human, see The Circle with Emma Watson.

So if we offer ourselves over to the surveilling of our everyday lives we will be uncapable of getting out alive. This is why the chip is damning, even if only the gps and identification because if you rebel you will be killed. I do not believe the chips are all the same. The bible says there are three chips for the three beasts. Market, identification, and citizenship. All will be branded and marked. Any defecters brought in for conditioning such as Fin from Star Wars, or how Kanye was kidnapped and drugged and reconditioned in a psyche ward as are the properties of Disneyworld such as Demi Lovato and Britney/, Xtina and Hannah Montana Twinning programmed Miley Cyrus. All have been detained or dismissed and reconditioned and kept silent. Some not even having been on drugs while others being on drugs given them. When they speak out their handlers in true big brother fashion will come along and collect them to reeducate.

Education is indoctrination not learning. You aren’t being taught so much as retaught how to think, what’s important, true, good, and what you should and should not focus on

The entire thing is summed up by Pink Floyd:

We don’t need no education.
We don’t need your thought control
Teacher leave them kids alone.
Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone
All in all you’re just a nother brick in the wall

Chapter 2 – Your not alive if you’re not jacked in

Watch “Are You Awake? This is Your Last Chance!” on YouTube

I seriously feel like all i see is people running programs. It’s insane, no emotion, no connection, just entertainment bias. We long to be entertained, to escape reality into fantasy. Videogames and movies and books and other forms of validation all to fit into these tiny little boxes. We consume and eat and obey and run around like little children in the marketplace candy store. We are completely unaware of our surroundings and disenfranchised by the lack of time we have to be entertained.

We are programmed to believe these are our own dreams.

We long for convenience drinking fresh drinks from a can and popcorn and pizza pops. We do five minute workouts and 2 minute prayers and religiously write lists upon lists to maintain our very many things. We have calendars filled with promises and yet our yes and amen is not enough. We commit without any knowledge to what’s ahead and are even required to pledge an extra two weeks, 3 weeks notice on a personal day and are slapped with a vow of silence for fear of offending the almighty customer.

We follow not the advice of our normal boring fathers but hip and cool celebrities who are still living in highschool and making millions. Playboys and playgirls for everyone, and they are hotter than us so we idolize them.

This is why we follow around the kardashians and freak out for the smallest inconvenience. An army of sjws and white knights protecting dan brigole not because they love her but because they want to be her, or because they want her. And we ignore it and pretend its not completely messed up and entirely inappropriate.

We need leafyishere back. He combats the absolute nonsense and exposes highly mature and inappropriate content from hateful propaganda about identifying the dirty jews to you should have sex with your dogs.

Its absolute filth but we can’t say anything about this giant elephant in the darn room. But hey freedom right, we’re still free’ish. Well kinda!

You know how it is…


Principalities in power

In Game of Thrones a prophesy is told to the dragon Queen about the Prince who is promised. Flesh and blood that embodies the Princes of the power of the air. The principalities and powers are our rulers and our kings and our shepherds and authorities. Whether of God or otherwise Principalities (Princes and Powers and Rulers). There are three ranks in spiritual strongholds. Princes in whom jurisdiction is given, aka the Prince of Tyre referenced in Daniel or Sennacherub embodying Lucifer in the prophets such as Isaiah.

Mystery Babylon is in the church. Mystery Babylon isn’t justva place, it is the root in all paganism and is Baal worship. So for the church to be embracing monilithic monotheism despite its roots in pharaoh worship and Caesar worship and in Greek and Norse worship is evil. Ancestral worship is much the same embodying the powers given to the accursed ancestors in hopes of gaining memories and powers and influence. Forbidden knowledge in exchange for embodiment of gods.

This theology is why Pharaohs were considered to be Gods as they would literally or just aspiringly embody the character or spirit of the said ruler or god. So basically it is self-possession and is the same as contacting a crossroads demon for a life of wealth and great influence and popularity.

We embody much of this due to our culture of idolatry and virtue signaling. We offer ourselves to dreams of wealth and success in hopes of changing our fate. Role models like our favourite celebrities we wish to embody and gain hold of their own life of promise. And yet many successors gain such prominence by either selling their proverbial soul to the industry or literally selling their soul to the industry.

Knowledge of wealth and information is the original transaction to which Lucifer traded his glory and precious stones. His knowledge of wealth and desire and aspiration are vast and tempting. This is why when faced with idolatry Jesus says you cannot serve both God and mammon.

Than after princes there are powers and rulers. Powers and rulers cover a much faster expanse and are more prevalent in numbers ruling over the office of the principalities. There may only be one prince over the land but there are many powers and rulers. This is comparable to the ten rulers who are not kings but give their power to the beast in the final hour. The ten who are seated before the throne of Athena in her crown of many diadems and who fed on the blood of the martyrs. While they are not actively engaged in the Princes greater affairs they are the seat of his power and thus are just as if not more dangerous.

To be unaware of these power struggles we have no authority and are oblivious to the extent of wickedness we are facing. Most Christians will be content to their limited understanding and will be ineffective as they know nothing of their own sin or programming and demonic inheritance. Unknowingly we become ravenous wolves and spiritual vampires due to unspent desires that we have been feeding.

Dreams of being successful and men of renown. But men of renown are but pleasing to men, enveloping a sense of the common good and not a sense of the truth. We follow mantras and sayings from the most well known preachers and figures of our time not realizing the gathering into a single pool of knowledge is only ever a bringer of hardship and wickedness.

Mystery Babylon is the final society. A capstone to reclaim what was lost in Babel and in Mystery Babylonian texts and cultures. A reuniting of all men under one flag and in one image and in one nation and common language. Prominence as a success is a mark of compromise and of disenfranchisement. The best of us will be little if successful due to our political and personal bias. We are more prompt to diffuse and to overlook in our post apathetic state than to address and to contend against change. Change is the endgame, to trespass the ancient boundaries and to succeed where all before us have failed. To become one as he is one without knowledge of him nor of his original ways or intentions. To redefine ourselves in the image of the gods of our own choosing.

The renaissance brought about our final destruction bringing life to a culture that thrives not on spirituality but on carnality and only that which is primitive, or rather carnal in nature. Or as James equates carnality: demonic.

How convenient that it came from pagan and lucifarien kabals set to erase the sins of the past not by way of repentance but by way of revolution and the privatization of spiritual knowledge. To remove gods from the arena and to create a culture with no gods except the ones you choose. Where religious intolerance replaces natural convictions and where common wickedness cannot be measure or criticized because technically there are no gods so how can it be considered evil if no one gets hurt.

It’s commonly mistaken that the witch trials and the wars and crusades in Islam and prominent nations were the mistakes and tragedies of religion rather than great victories and wars fought and won in the name of our Lord Adonai, the Lord of Armies and the Lord of the Hosts of heaven.

We have forgotten the way and bought into the idea of not good but rather being nice, friendly, inclusive. But inclusiveness and unfounded unity are what created Babel. A harmony of cultures all who draw their roots from ancient Babylonian and pre-Judean Baal worship or Kabala. Ka’baal’a

The religion of Jezebel is here and is active in the church at large. The most influential Christian leaders occupy a presence only describable as being under the synagogues if Satan. The harlot who feeds on the blood of the martyrs. Feeding on the flesh of the unknowingly raped, abused, martyred, manipulated, indoctrinated, outcast, downtrodden and victimized under their false pretences in hopes if being more well recognized. Worldwide ministries are not in the image of God’s kingdom but in Diana’s seat in mystery Babylon, the throne of Athena set before the seas of glass which are the nations. Prominent figures and ministers we idolize as gods and seek after them that they should behold us and bless us under their mantles and god.

There are allot of issues arising with the one world church:

-Sects of Christians who believe marijuana is the tree of life

-false prophets and pretenders stringing together vaguisms in the attempt to prophesy despite not necessarily having any such giftings.

-fire tunnels and laughing spirits, falling in the spirit and drunkeness of spirit which bear more in common with kundilini meditations and awakenings and yogi practices.

-Liberalism and emotionalism, faith by sight (experience > faith and conviction) and apathy concerning which sins to comb over or to revise

-Cultural Marxism and communist ideals. Community over religion and unity over doctrine or sects of beliefs. Resentment towards the authorities and structures of capitalism which directly embody and mirror our understanding of principalities and powers and rulers

-Blatant disregard for doctrinal schisms and disagreements for the sake of the weak of mind. Inclusiveness at the risk of letting in wolves and hirelings into positions of prominence. Reader friendly doctrines meant to inform us but not at the risk of greatly offending the sinner.

If the gospel loses it’s convictions and is reduced to reader friendly bible digests than we are a failure. Stop listening to multi-millionaires in the church, and stop idolizing them. Stop listening to celebrities and mainstream broadcasts. The broader the influence the greater the compromise.

True spiritual leaders and role models don’t have many followers. And if they do they are still not well liked. People should feel threatened by your doctrines, they should not want to so openly embrace your ideals. They should find you repulsive and pious at some level and need to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit in order to comprehend you. Because only he spirit can speak to Spirit. All else is flesh and cannot please him.

Think about that. How many followers does your favourite preacher have. How popular is your idol on television that you want to be. You are embodying their gods, you are worshipping that person and wagering your soul with the likes of a crossroads. Life is the crossroad. Imagine you had Djinni following you around waiting for you to ask favor, they will be granted, but it ill cost you one thing. Would you sell your soul. Better yet, would you ask for it and than devise strategy to get out of it.

We do it daily. How much selling us big dreams and big futures have we bought into knowing that the cost was high. Are we happy with being nobody? Does that bother us. The least are greatest, prefer the poor man over the rich one. The false prophet receives the wealth of mens approval. The wicked seek out a sign.

Any of this ringing in.

Repent and turn back unto simplicity of doctrines. No more wild explanations explaining away all the elephants in the bible meant to scare off the infadels. Let’s take off the gloves and start being men like David. Conquerors and warriors more to the liking of capitalism, amassing power and winning spiritual battles physically as well as spiritually. Engaging in open prayer instead of hidden in some corner under the bowl where the light won’t shine out.

The gospel is properly interpreted to be entirely opposite to what doesn’t offend. We are defecters and rebels, irregenerate and defective; incapable of honoring nor understanding anything to do with God. If we have come to God without miraculous intervention the authenticity of our faith is entirely questionable. Nobody should want to be a Christian. Being Christian isn’t fun, or advisable or inclusive. It’s a privatized mission only enjoyed by those of faith. You cannot share it with anyone who is unknowing. Even the new convert is already fated into the influence of surrender to God. They are just unaware that all those crazy circumstances they felt were some kind of divine intervention are exactly that.

So stop preaching to the new believer. You are doing them great harm by allowing their thoughts to remain unchanged. You give them permission to understand and to be heard when they should not be so openly received. Until you have forgotten all your own ideas you are not spiritual but carnal, under the sway of the familiar spirits and ideas you have formed connection.

The worlds ideas and psychology, and terms and morals do not belong in doctrine. We should be teaching the spiritually strong in sermons and addressing the doctrines and the ideas that simpletons will not scarcely understand. The mystery will inspire the weak and encourage the strong to go deeper. But if you preach to the weak and leave the strong to fend themselves in cell groups what is the point. You would be better off to cancel church and just run the cell group.

Instead we send off the 🐑 sheep to the sheeple of the unwise and the undiscerning to learn the deeper mysteries from unsupervised, closed groups. We should be the ones teaching the hard stuff to our churches. The weak in faith will want to keep ☝ up and will join studies just so as to not appear dumb or unChristian while the strong will feel like the pastor is speaking to them, as it should be. Why cast pearls before the simpleton and the swine and the dogs. Scoffers and mockers are not to be entertained but rather detained, ignored and openly rebuked. Reject those who reject God not those who are sworn to Him.

If the devil is real

If the devil is real why do we pretend that he has no power in the world. I mean we are willing to believe he can convince is to do drugs, have sex and be a nuisance but this is kiddy leagues compared to the truth. In the old testament the base of his power was much more influential. Babylon and Jezebel and the rise of the enemies of Israel were all moves of immense power and in result of their open communication and allegiance to the gods they serve.

Yet when I say that the world’s governance has been highjacked by Lucifariens who worship at the foot of the owl in Bohemian grove and that there are rings of evil facilities that traffic in mind control through the television and that they are creating alters and splits in our personalities thus programming us I’m considered out to lunch. How come we think so little of real threats yet can spend our efforts praying that Satan would not tempt us to have a cigarette or something stupid and menial.

Why is it so easy to limit the amount of mind to the coming apocalypse when its all there for us to see if we would only take God seriously. I think it’s easier to believe that everything will be okay and we’ll be blessed and healed and can share our supposed Jesus power. But what is the point of all of this if not to pray and to be aware of spiritual darkness in heavenly places. Are our battles with the sins of our own flesh and blood or is it with principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness.

The application of spiritual warfare shows us that real warfare begins not with trials of flesh and a pious effort to remain unsullied alone but to contend with the kingdom of darkness and its schemes. How can we hope to contend with the darkness if we have no grasp of it’s true grips on us. How can we guard our hearts from sexual vices when we are raised on subliminally violating and perverted images hidden into even the most g-rated experiences.

It is commonly taught that to be sexually pure we should not rev up the engines but the more innocent films are directed to have the most perversely damaging effects on us. Turning our desires to homosexual tendancies, and the sexualization of children. Not only do characters often get placed into very adult situations but there is also alter programming and disassociative imagery meant to create secondary personalities and twinning.

How can we know how to represent our political interests and be informed on whom we should vote and which laws to pass if we are unaware of the vast amount of lies and deceit we openly believe from social engineering via social media and entertainment. Laws are passed by Christians to persecute Christians in the name if equality, inclusion and social justice or racial diversity. But all we hear is buzzwords like racism, sexism, bullying, masochistic, narcissistic and nazi.

We buy into race bating and sexual conflict and hate and religious banter and pandering only meant to create division. But instead of fighting the spiritual darkness we dance around with their pretty words and powerful delusions convinced that the real Christians are being closed minded, ignorant, overly religious and hateful for standing up against societal, religious and financial tyranny and oppression.

The devil is alive and well. Aspire for better goals than that 7 year stint of trying to be sexually peer or to quit smoking. All that stuff may be important to you but to God that stuff is only a side effect of the stuff above. You’re sexually permissive because you’re programmed to be. You’re warring with other Christians over ideals that are Unchristian, unethical and false. Your doctrines are subject to propaganda and political activism devised from satanic parties and paid agitators and protesters.

Affirmation affirms us in our tribulation

In this world you will have trouble, be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.

Blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are the mournful, blessed are the persecuted and the meek and the merciful/ peacemakers. They shall inherit the earth. They shall be comforted. They shall be called the children of God for theirs is the kingdom of God andthe children of His mercy.

I have endured a great many trials as of late and have garnered much criticism and self analysis; in conclusion I find myself wiped and measured and found wanting. But blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.

There are times of necessity in our lives where God needs to play the role of destroyer and the source of our discomfort. But in those times we are to be encouraged and can find that those we’ve rallied around will reveal that they too have rallied around us also and have drawn from the well of our own faith.

I can honestly say that lately I have been feeling the pressures of being a complete and utter failure and have made all the mistakes and none of the right steps. Yet on the midst of all this I find amazement that this is not what my peers have been witness to. It is true to say that I have disturbed a share of those who’ve witnessed my failures and my behaviors. Some will never see past these faults because of their great prominence in my daily life. And yet in the midst of thati have been a champion in my faith for any who sought one and have been affirmed and encouraged to continue sharing my thoughts and my counsels and my art.

It should bother me that people would speak this will of me when the person I see is so distastefully wicked. I should not wish that any would rescue more or that any should draw counsel from me and yet they do. But this is the grace of God. Not that we speak will of God in the goodness alone but also during the difficulties. If I can find peace with God while I am aware of mu extremely deep flawedness than it gives testimony not to me who does wickedly but rather God who is found in my stead despite me. Knowing God brings repentance not the vast sum of our efforts.

The law is not for the righteous but rather for the ungodly and for the simner; the carnal mind cannot please God nor doesit desire to but goes after the things of the flesh. So all that I do of God is proof of His reality whereas all that I do in the flesh is proof of my limitations and my character flaws. But as the proverb states: Wickedness does not establish a man but the root of the righteous shall not be moved. Aka: progress shall not be hindered anymore than that wickedness shall reign until His returning. Paul exemplifies to us that fruitfulness and kingdom mindedness are the tells of our faith and not rather the degree of our failings and our wickedness.

I’ve recently learned that the degree of troubles and trials I’ve endured are not without the greatest of impact. That I am prone to fixate and to capitalize on my evilness and my deparavity and that this actually has a diverse effect. To undoubtedly regard oneself as being wicked, forsaken, cursed, lost and wounded actually makes you perceive yourself in such a radical light that you envelope that into your persona.

People who’ve been devastated so greatly that they are trapped in impercievably wicked cycles are prone to behave so as long as this belief is garnered. I believe this is why God first spoke to me not of faith but my beauty. He needed me to realize that I am not the wickedness that I try to envelope. We only do this because it’s what we expect that people expect of us.

If anyone spoke to me or about me the way I speak about and to and in regards to myself I would destroy them.



I wrote this today becausei was encouraged this week by several who have gleaned from my rootedness rather than my ill perception of myself. That my writings have always been good and have encouraged a man whom I very much look to as a proper example of faith.

We need to stop trying to live up to the standards of being good for the sake of our balance in badness. This is dumb and it limits is to what we are good at. Instead we need to simply do good because we are good and know that understanding Jesus means that we should not question this.

I would usually disclaimer this with a line about how we should not assume goodness and salvation but consider pur adhering to doctrine but in this matter that is already clear because I speak to those who are beloved and seeking.

I have no care to contend with foolishness as the application of many words expires in meaning as the persuading of men only testifies against faith and clarity. The unhearing will not hear unless they are meant to.


Listen to what people speak of you. Don’t ask them to do so as they will probably just drum up some failed and falsified account of flattery and nice words. But listen to them and to God. Pray about the hurtful words, they grieve is because it speaks of our failures. But guard yourself from the temptation to worry about these things. I spent years doing this and trying to make people stop seeing how messed up I was. All it did was make me more messed up because I was hiding who I really am.

Being light doesn’t only mean wearing or garbage but also burying it. To place trust that even though all we see is how much we fail or don’t fail that a different message is being communicated and that we are not pathetic to our peers and to our close and intimate relationships.

Yes! I am aware that some people are very radically disturbed by my tale. They have much reason to be, I’ve done some pretty messed up things. But if I keep going on about how I am depraved and disturbed and that I don’t feel saved I’m not trusting God. Even more than that I’m not allowing people to see for themselves who I am but rather bracing them to be disappointed in me.

Nobody is going to help someone who is openly wicked. Especially if it is so vastly emphasized. You will lack in empathy and in caring being consumed with your own personal quest for redemption and miss out on all the good things God had in store. You are good. Stop calling yourself evil, doing so only makes a liar of God who has said that He makes good of those things meant for evil for those who love Him. If you believe in God believe also in His promises. If He says He is making us good we have to believe in those words. Perhaps you are one of the few people who cannot see how good you really are and have become. Perhaps of you’d let people hear you speak well of yourself you’ll only increase in goodness.

In closing

The way we communicate affects the way we perceive us and sets the standard of what is to be expected. If we are constantly fixated on our weakness and failing or strength is diminished to the people around us and they will only ever perceive is as a product of our circumstances. Whereas if we draw emphasis rather on our goodness and wholeness we are peceived as being strong and capable and people will not feel badly for the inconsistency they see in us. Instead they will feel emboldened in being able to share their experiences without having to embellish in their sympathies and their pity for us.

The biggest effect of being victimized is being forced to embrace victimhood. If we allow that change to change the way we look at ourselves the impact is devastating. Overcome that victimizing experience and refuse to let it define you, no matter how prevalent and it will become clear that this victim is not us but rather is circumstance. In reality we identify with the perpetrators and convince ourselves we too are just as evil. This is not true of us or them. Both defrauded parties are suffering from being hurt. Both are coping not with positive reinforcement but rather choosing to remain lost when salvation only requires us to be found.

So be good to yourself and kinder still to others. In so doing you will be fpund to embody the goodness you seek rather than the evils you seek to overcome.