Construct of the Ultimate Super Villain

I saw a brilliantly written piece several years back that really emphasized to me how the world can spin us out to be the bad guys as a Church and as believers. There is a tendency to paint up bad guys with ideals of cleaning up the swamps to quote Trumps approach. We look at cinematic works like the Transformers and the Matrix or even the age of Ultron and they’ve taken this entire construct of thought about needing to be cleansed as a personal war, and that we should really against God’s judgment because “this life is all we have”. In the transformers they even went as far as naming the Metatron as Megatron and proclaiming that only after destroying the all spark, as in the Omni – present Omnipotent Omni – etc God as, would they be able to put our conflicts to rest.

That’s all be a pretty bold statement and has forever changed the way that I view things in regards to hero’s and villains. There are definitely movies I genuinely stand behind like Civil War as they’re taking up resistance against big brother trying to mandate and sanction who has power and how much they are allowed. This was a very indirect hint at the discussion of gun control and risks of the very real possibility of the push for martial law. But generally speaking alot of the biggest and most defining moments are had against gods of men or in the case of x-men apocalypse actual gods who seek to purge humanity in the fire.

At first glance you are thinking well yeah its annihilation but these movies are always in the context of being the end of an age or if I may the end of the age of the man and his wickedness. And yet they squalor up all this can do power and even conveniently band up with what are generally understood as being the real bad guys to overthrow this super bad guy.

A classic example of this is none other than the coolest bad guy ever to enter into the arena of apocalyptic bad – assery Sephiroth. The game starts out simple enough with some terrorists bombing power plants in the name of saving the planet. Nothing wrong with that sentiment I’m sure (I jest). And yes the enemies they have are equally bad and are a cancer to the planet; but despite this they wage a war that gets alot of people killed and all to “save the planet”.

In reality it’s all needless violence and also it rides against the real issue which is that one way or another this planet is eventually going to die. Whether by consumption, war, apocolyptic harbingers such as say a meteor. And so suddenly man’s problems don’t seem so small in the face of the real threat and so they kind’ve band up in a divided and hostile agenda with the real bad guys, who’ve been destroying both world and people, to stop the man who plans to single handedly judge the world with an iron fist.

In comes the prophet of the Lord or the Metatron even. You see scripture too promises that the world will be judged in the shedding of blood and an apocolyptic full scale attack on both people and planet in judgment of the wicked. And yet instead of banding together with the one who seeks to bring true justice and judgment indiscriminately, as he comes judging the hearts of all men, they stand in resistance. This is all visually cued over and over and over and over and over to us so that when the Lord is finally going to assemble the four great judgments and the infliction of his wrath, signaling his prophets, that we will obediently recognize this play for power and band together with the people who sought our destruction regardless of the fact that they have used all of their power to control us.
You see the issue is that their planet, much like our own, is already on the brink of collapse both politcially and economically, both socially and ecologically. In the game the earth’s core is dying because all of its energy has been sucked up and the spirit of of the planet is dying; this has released all these monsters from beyond the breach. Yet despite the apolyptic harbingers such as the rise of the monsters from ages long past and the rising of a dark horsemen who seeks retribution they do not recognize that the planet is already doomed.

But this is the point in the entire outlook is that without life after death this world is all that we have and we are willing to be manipulated and exploited and lied to, used and abused in order to hold onto that. But as is the nature of things especially in Final Fantasy lore, and even more so in Ff13 and 13/2, the world will continue to spiral onto dissonance eventually leading into complete oblivion and the destruction  and collapse of the entire timeline.

We recognize the implications and even the consequence and lore of spirituality and the promise of our eventual destruction. But when push comes to shove our fear of death will have us standing on the side of eternal consequence rather than acceptance of judgment. All will be judged both in this life and the next. To refuse that judgment makes us guilty of that judgment as we stand as though we are above guilt and above reproach. We all are wicked and have done deplorable things. In taking that ownership is salvation. And that is why I stand rather as the antagonist and the super villain. 

Braided Phage is a combination of 2 mtg characters who play a significant role in the end of the age of the Mirari. Braids a Necromancer and raiser of the dead who gave life to Phage. For this sake we call this part the god role. And Phage is a tool of judgment and retribution who having been marked for death was raised from the dead as a former agent of good for the purpose of seeking retribution. Sounds an awful lot like a particular agent of the gospel risen from death in revelation lets call this the Elijah, or moreso in fulness the risen Christ who is heralded to return and to bring judgment to all of the wicked and to the earth. 

So I propose than that the role of my persona as an artist not a hero in the traditional sense but rather the darkest of or rather holiest in resolve of super villains and a bringer of final destruction. But moreso as a witness to the signs of the times and to awareness of the contruct that seeks to bring about thos ragnarok, our final destruction that must come.

Now I disclaimer with this thought: obviously we should fight and we should band together despite our differences when there are wars and terrorist attacks and threats of nuclear strikes etc. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t. But we automatically assume that our side is the right side and that the other person is going to be our destruction.  But in this example Sephiroth had never lied to the people or had tried to exploit them deceive them or align them against eachother in some civil dispute. He brought a true holy war and was interested in destroying that hold.  Obviously they demonized his approach to seem as though he was just this wickedly blind person who radicalized on a global scale but that is how we assume the other party approaches the topic. We generally have very little to heat of the other parties riding even if they are well cited and may be right.

The whole goal of this manipulation is to radicalize our hatred so that when they say enemy we just fall in line. But there are wicked people out there who seek to control you for their own ends. Always know what you represent or you will be tricked. Look at Germany or the Roman Empire under wicked rulers such as Bloody Mary who killed more of her own people than her true enemies. Think for yourself and listen to the opposition long enough to be sure you haven’t been lied to. Investigate! Theorize! Be willing to look insane for a season whole you figure it out at times. It’s worth it: freedom is worth all costs.

A Time to Be Silent

Being someone who is constantly having to pick through the cloud of misinformation just to be true to my convictions in the church I have learned a particular amount of tact that need be applied. This past 2-3 weeks I’ve taken off those gloves and have for a time been brutally relentless in pursuing the point of people’s ignorance.

But when your whole life is a war zone there is no peace. It’s not a sustainable environment and if we don’t have the self control to stop we may destroy everything we’ve worked towards within sphere of influence.

It’s important to know the difference between knowing the truth and forcing other people to see things your way. It’s one thing to pursue the point and another to beat the point over the head. Scripture tells us to not make a habit of this kind’ve speak and in this retrospect I do hold repentance. But I say this with reservations. I think for a time this kinda thing is important to pursue and do. Sometimes you need to stand up and say what no one else will. This is one of the reasons I personally respect Donald Trump and for the weeks of trashing and bashing I stood in that gap.
But I’ve said my piece and need to leave people people to their opinions no matter how wrong and offensive they seem to be for me. But that being said I’ve will still poke at the truth. I just am not going to drop bombs full of facts and accusations because that term is over.

Persecution vs. Pugilism

Going out of our way to offend people may sound alot like persecution if you think that being offensive is just part of being a Christian but Jesus actually teaches contrarily to this in saying that offenses may come, but woe to whom they come. If we cause even the littlest one to stumble because of our abrasiveness than we are still under judgment. Its said on scripture that we are to hold our convictions not for ourselves alone but for others who may be misled or impacted by our actions. 

If it is going to help someone to be willing to eat whatever is given to us than we should for their sakes eat the meal prepared. But if it is props ed to trap us or is going to cause a younger Christian or prospective Christian to stumble in their understanding than for their sake we should obtain. The same is said for being the person who is “not ashamed of the gospel”. If you are going to be able to edify Christ in standing as a proponent for the faith or an example to someone who is looking to your example than by all means fire away. It is important to show people we are fearless and willing to be persecuted for the sake of our convictions.

And yet if we are only doing something for the sake of being an immovable obstacle and are not actually going to be glorifying God than we are nothing more than hypocrites by definition. A hypocrite is one who stands in the way and refuses entry by way of accusation and faulting others and yet unwilling to lift a finger to aid them in their downfall.

The accuser is the office of the devil: if all we have as the fuel for our convictions ate the charges against others we are not agents of Christ but enemies. The goodness of God leads to repentance. This is not persecution you face for doing thus but rather indignation towards the cross. You are frustrating the grace of God and are actually promised a millstone about your neck as reward. Tread cautiously.

Don’t take this as a word of judgment but rather a gauge to which you can scale yourself. Make sure that your zeal and your convictions are Christ centered. There Ian nothing wrong with creating conflict. But conflict is the result not the intention

Not the Messiah

We keep getting this concept that we are going to be this exact replica and perfect example of the Christlike faith of the gospel. But the truth is plainly that we are bound to give an account for our sins also.

We are bit going to be able to be the shining example to this looking to the goodness as a ways of salvation. Being good doesn’t get you into heaven. It doesn’t even get you to the door. We are not going to be the ones who bring about salvation in the loves of others. We are not saviour.  We are just miniature pictures of the saviour to all that would be.  And that would not be counted against us because we are merely agents of the gospel. Our duty is to bring about the says nothing about people hearing what we have to say. Many scoffers will arise in the day of the Lord saying it never rained before (as in the days of Noah).
and in that they will be personally held to account. We can’t break thru to someone who is uneaten and in learning.  We are not the Messiah


It is important to forgive one another. To make amends where we must give an account and to make resolution where offenses have been dug out for us. But how does forgiveness apply in real time. We obviously don’t just let people tread over us and just take it. Alot of people believe that the concept of turning the other cheek and going the extra mile means to endure the abuse people dish it because that is the Christian way.

But Jesus never implied this. If we are to forsake those who would hinder us and are called to be free of offense there needs to be a clearly drawn line in the sand. It’s cute to idealized this concept of just not being offended buy Jesus Himself stared offenses will come, but woe to them who they come. Woe! So to break this down and unpack age this He is saying but cursed are those to whom they come. They are a vexation to the spirit and can strip away our joy, our peace, and our blessing. So obviously this isn’t an environment God encourages us to remain in.

Scripture says that if we are ministering and staying somewhere where we are not he in received peaceably that we are to take our exit and God will deal with them in greater measure than even Sodom and Gomorrah. This is hardly peaceful speech. So what is the meaning of walking a second mile or giving our coat also or turning the other cheek.

This isn’t an attitude of passivity and taking it with a straight face. It is referring to terms similar to negotiations between yourself and a hostile party insisting we meet their terms. Scripture is telling us that if it is our power to come to peace and that there is a sacrifice that we are being required that is within our ability that we should offer our jacket also. As in if you offer them above even their own terms maybe they will be put away peaceably. But these people are not your friends. God does not require you to come back tomorrow to be robbed and subjected to their terms again. It shouldn’t have happened to begin with. God is just stating that it is better to make peace when it is in your power to do so.

But if peace is not within the terms of your exchange than Christ’s message is to tarry onward Christian soldier. Do not concern yourself with civilian  affairs. We are not here to bring peace but rather a sword. To create divisions amongst the wicked and to confuse such ranks by inserting the stance of truth.

So coming full circle the purpose of forgiveness is reconciliation but reconciliation is only possible if both parties are on peaceable terms. Otherwise we should not be hasty to rush back in. Be weary of such situations because when you frustrate grace grace is hindered, since grace is the gift of the holy spirit in whom can be grieved.

Impeding on grace is going to imbitter us towards the ones we love. So forgive them, in person if viable, but don’t feel obligation to apologize for something you have not done wrong. Forgiveness is not about admittance of guilt. Sometimes there is actually nothing to be learned from a situation except the obvious lack of tolerance in a situation. Take that lesson as a lesson of tolerance and wisdom and learn what can be learned. But remember that tolerance is not entirely scriptural, Jesus Himself constantly had the same issues in His life because He would just call people evil and it would offend them. He obviously wasn’t seeking to be insensitive and was pretty mindful in his speech. But there are moments where offenses are less important than the truth. Never apologize for this.

Divine Inspiration 

We have the ability to draw from the pure well of the Holy Spirit at any time. Romans 8 explains systematically and repeatedly the process and it is really very simple. If we set our minds on the things of the Spirit than we do not act out the deeds of the flesh. If you delve into the book of Philippians it goes further into this mind and says to set your mind on those things which are noble and praiseworthy. The things which are of a higher mind and which place our focus not on the negative stimulus but rather on the solutions and the praise reports and the lessons to be learned.

Scripture isn’t quite as lame and outlandish as “the secret” in application however. In the law of magnetism all thoughts manifest their realities. But in the bible your thoughts create your own personal reality. It doesn’t necessarily manifest into the real world but rather builds a stimulus of temptation and strongholds in your life that will be a hindrance to your own personal progress. 

One reason I like to write is because it allows me to tap into this mind in an application where I have control. It allows me to channel God’s own viewpoint into my life for a small term as I write His perspective into my equations and queries. I think as an artist it it’s very important to learn how to transcend oneself when trying to reflect work in the image of Christianity.

We don’t want to responsible for the misconceptions that come with being people’s source of intrigue and understanding no matter how ineffectual we may feel. I started blogging for this reason and also rapping for the same reason. It allows me to evade my own traps and clauses for a lengthy moment and to reflect on the attitudes of my heart that I otherwise never self criticize.

It’s actually quite simple to do if you are indeed a child of God. All you do is remove your own self interest and your own investment into a dialogue and only look rather to the ideas and the mindsets of the godhead.

Being Christian is more than just reading a book and saying regretful and heartfelt prayers about the bad things you’ve done. And it’s also more than this conquest to go into all the world healing and prophecying and imparting and displaying power. Being a Christian is about being Christlike. Being little Christ’s both reflecting and replicating t  mannerisms and the character of Jesus the anointed one.

If you cannot look above your own self interest to give reliable and on point council than the spirit of God is not in you,  because God made it entirely clear that though to the rest of the world the ways of God area mystery and can never be known,  that yet Christ has sent us His Holy Spirit so that we may learn to know all things. So much that it is even to the degree that none should need teach us.

So when I am told that the bible was written by man and is only man’s formative opinion of God’s ideals I know for a fact, beyond the shadow of a doubt that it ia false and that it is not the truth because I have witnessed time and time again God’s expert timing astound people with prophetic utterances that were entirely unrehearsed and even unintended. Many times I just say what God puts on my mind ministerial and instead of just being some profound revelation I end up finding out that God had been working on that thing in their lives and and that my timing was entirely being orchestrated in tandem with God’s timing to the point where it kinda creeps me out.

Draw from the spirit of God and you won’t need to fight the war of sin against your mind and body because you will be training yourself to stand above your own petty affairs and begin to see see that only the affairs that affect gods kingdom or the security he has placed upon your life matter. Everythi  else is the filth and grime of a fallen and unworthwhile world. Why concern ourselves with natural indiscretions and fears if the more eminent fears of God can destroy both the body and the soul in hell.

Fear God. Portray his mind and learn to never speak on His behalf but rather let Him speak on your behalf through you. His behalf is the only perspective worth holding onto  because anything else will only birth sin cycles and spiritual darkness which you will than need to reexpose Being Christian ideally means having no secrets and no grounds for shame or guilt.

The purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, a sincere faith and a good conscience.  1 Timothy 1:5

Love is patient

We seem to have romanticized this idea that love is sloppy and it’s reckless and that there is fighting and arguing and compromise and all this crap. But this is only partially true and it is only acceptable to a point. Love is patient. It is kind and it keeps no records.

Everytime that we come back to previous engagements where there had been conflict we are going back on this agreement that we have made to be in it for better or worse.

You may say yes but into married but the intention of relationship is permanency. That is why love coming together creates life… that is what love is supposed to create: a life together. A future together amd a life together as as a family.

I get that there is alot to factor in tmnt all of this but let’s get one thing straight. Healthy couples don’t fight. Healthy couple work things out. It might sound the same but it’s not. Working things out is like repentance. You are going forward with the intention of not returning to this place. You are turning back, recognizing that the direction you were headed doesn’t result in life. I’m so tired of this idea that we need to learn to live with each other’s crap. This might work with friends and even with family but if it’s and relationship there needs to be an effort that is more evident of change.

Love seeks the good of others at its own expense. It is not provoked. If we are still being provoked by things that come up those are grounds for change because love doesn’t go there. Love doesn’t get there. I get that love makes us crazy but that some measure of crazy is gonna drive us to be equally crazed about doing something about it. God’s love left Him so crazed with jealousy about the seperation of sin that He gave up His only Son in a wager where He would get it all back. He compromised everything and overlooked thousands of years in the wilderness and in idolatries and in rebellion and slack mess and hypocrisy.

But when he acted he acted in solution. It wasn’t enough to just be angry. Terms were always set and reconciling on the issues was always at the forefront.

Love is kind. It is without hostility and without reproach. It’s not a war zone it is sanctuary. I’m not claiming to ignorance. I understand there is time for war and a time for peace. I just am coming out to say that if this is a place that we stay we aren’t really reflecting an environment pertaining to love. Bitterness holds records and remains in hostile territory. Bitterness and unforgiven essential is cancer to our relationships. It may get through the day with acquaintances and bosses amd the likes but if we bring it into our relationships we will end up destroying the people and the relationships closest to us.


It’s quite amazing when you reflect back on how little time you actually have in someone’s life generally. One if my closest friends recently I visited about 1-3 times a week. For a period of about 6 months months and yet we forged this great friendship. But you look back at how many times we actually got together and hung out and it it as actually this really really small window. Think it comes down to maybe 50 or so times and yet this amazing connection.

So when you look at ideas like being actually world changer and a catalyst it really doesn’t take much. Connections are forged fairly quickly. We need only to apply ourselves. I’m pretty sure this is why it is commonly reliable to say that a tree is known by its fruit. Fruit is actually a fairly quick development when you are engaging in an active role in someone’s life. It should come naturally and based on this time reference it will come fairly quickly. So value your time. Make a point of remembering not to allow weeks to evade you because of you take life on in increments of 3 week frames. There are only 18 times in the year that you are reflecting on the passage of time. 

This is why Jesus placesso much value on time in the sermon on the mount. If you spend all of your time concerning yourself with looks and food and clothing or the other concerns of this life you can get sidetracked and years will flow by like minutes. So be anxious for nothing. In all things through prayer let it be known to God what it is you need Because this life is but a vapor passing away.

Don’t boast against God framing your life by the amount of things you do and to what success but rather do as in the sermon on the mount. Only concern yourself with today. Today has enough concerns of its own. For the birds of the air have neither house nor home but God is sure to provide them food and rest. How much more will he provide you with food and rest. You are worth more than many sparrows.


An exposition on the process of communicating amd the have and have nots of success.

Though you grind a fool in mortar and pestle the foolishness shall not depart from him.

Do not answer a fool according to his folly lest you be like him

Answer the fool according to his folly lest he be considered to be wise in his own eyes.
It is important when we do have the rare occasion of actually hashing out a dialogue that nigh but contentious to bear into remembrance that you are not trying to relate facts to them and to divulge some great life changing revelation. It is important to realize their devices are a never ending dialogue of twists and turns that lead into the perfect circle of the only fact that matters.

Regardless of any amount of divine insight, revelation or groundbreaking statements the andgenda is really very simple. I have an opinion and unless you can scrounge up some random factoid I haven’t decided will even persuade me to change my mind I have my opinion and by my right to declare it it deny your reality and substitute my own.

The issue here it’s not based on gavts or wisdom or dates or presuppose by words bbut that they choose to remain willfully ignorant of the facts. That is why when you go into a dialogue you must always consider the purpose of the transaction. The only winning that will be had its to call to attention their willful ignorance and to leave it to that. Otherwise they will consider themselves enriched and wisened for the experience and it shall be to your shame.

Nothing is more frustrating than the suppression of truth but this is where the failing of pride will do more damage than the patient forbearance of humility. Recognize that in the grand scale of things an agent of Christ need not concern himself with the persuasion of men by words but by deed.

My own willful ignorance is exposed in locking horns with the willfully ignorant and both parties are destroyed. It would be better I not have spoken at all and be considered wise than that I made my foolishness evident. This is why Paul warns us not to get into many words with those who stand strongly opposed in their contentions. Paul consistently states it is better that I relinquish to have said nothing concerning these matters than that division is created for these (insert secondary issues insert the gospel) sayings of mine.

Love rejoices in truth

Love does not rejoice in evil but rejoices in the truth. As the proverbs so clearly point out if we rejoice over our enemies in boast 24:17 we actually are relinquishing the judgment that is upon them by our rejoicing because the exposure of them has been cut short by our need to rush to their destruction.

Presently this is actually a very major issue in the stage of world events. There are many who are rejoicing over the ruin of their enemies. It is common practice for us to gloat over our enemies loss amd to pride ourselves in being right. But in doing so we are actually heaping up judgment upon ourselves because of the wrong attitude of our heart. Rather than just rejoicing in the prevalence of the truth and it being upheld we indulge ourselves in fixating rather upon their ruin and completely miss the point of divine intervention.

God is very big on getting the praise that He is due and is often mobilized against such agents that refuse to acknowledge Him as the divine sovereign and the one who sways the heart of the Kings to accomplish His own willing. Rejoicing in the destruction of your enemies displays a gross immaturity that is evidenced in your behaviour. If we properly understand the texts on the judgments of God than we should rather be woeful and in sorrow for those stricken by these tragedies that befall them. We should grieve and lament and weep at the loss of human lives. This is not a matter of celebration and lauding but of lamentation and lauding.

Give glory to God in such times. God is just and His judgments are just. Hastening the verdict only shortens His hand. God’s judgments are much more exhaustive and excellent. It is better that we wait for the trial and than judge than that we rejoice because of what has unfolded.