With all of this false teaching and all of this over simulation and hypersensitivity the world and the church are in a dire state of emergency. The church had forgotten the fear of the Lord and the concept of go sin no more is reduced to a go about and do what you can. We justify things for our sins saying that we’ll get through it! That grace is enough! We quote cute scriptures without their context like saying that God works all things out for good to those who love Him. Or that He who had begun a god work in us will bring it to completion.

But there is the issue of the holiness of God; there is divine election; predestination and reprobation. It warned us in scripture that having a pliable tangible God in our own image is no different than worshiping the created rather than the Creator; and yet we continually try to fixate in the humanness of God.

Jesus was not numbered among the transgressors so that we could remain there. He didn’t bear our sins on the cross so that one day when we are older and stronger we would be freedom. We are not some waving flag! We are Christians. Followers of the way! New Jerusalem! The saints of the Lord Jesus! The great Adonai, the Lord of hosts and the Commander of the Lord’s armies.

When Jesus told us to sin no more He meant just that! Don’t try to explain it away saying yes but we are only human and that we will always sin. We are deceived! Being a Christian used to mean something! There was this lifestyle that was required of us to live in where your excuses were not acceptable and people would hammer you hard. These people would tell me to forgive and to love when I was going through intense betrayals and reeling! They would bring me to the police station to report a crime that I just committed after telling straight up that I’m in a bad way. And yes they told me that Jesus loved grungy and grimy Derek who can’t seem to figure it out and who sometimes feels lost but that didn’t let them stop from making higher demands of me! I wasn’t aloud to smoke pot anymore because it closed the skies up to me.

God didn’t want to see us in our sin! Jesus didn’t want to see us in our sin! The Holy Spirit won’t be anywhere near us in our sin! It will regress deep into our inward being. In most cases it will not matter because the conversion never took root! It’s not enough to just say that we are Christians and not have the life. Without the life you have no part of Him, your just not a Christian.

This is gospel basics! Sin no more is the requirement of someone who has been made well. He’s much more to someone who has been born again. We are not made of the same stuff as our old man. We are not born of blood and flesh but of Spirit and water. We are born of God and the evil one, the devil, can’t touch us! We are His children and we should resemble the family likeness!

It’s time to stop making excuses for eachother and start living again! If this is you than you do well but remember: feed my sheep. I believe the harvest is now ripe, fit for the picking. If you have one hand to the plow put two hands to the plow or as many as in your household. Commit to warfare for the sake of the gospel. Do you have children fight for them giving your life to them that they might be saved!

Are you tired and weary? Come to Him and He will give you rest! There are no excuses in the kingdom of God! If you are a slave and wish to be free, than you are free. But if not than serve your masters as if you served God! Do you see those who are hungry? If it is in your power to do so than give them food and rest! Do you pray? Than fast also for the fields are white! When you read, read as if You are one dying of thirst desperate to be filled.

The Spirit is living water and is supposed to fill us to the point of overflowing so that we will never be thirsty! If you still thirst than you have not received the rest you are promised and need to be filled because because the Spirit is life to the body and breath to the lungs. This is not some second infilling of the Holy Spirit but an authentic conversion in question. If you do not have the Spirit of God you were never born of God and if you do have the Spirit than it should be displayed in your life. You should feel the pangs of conviction that empower you so that sin no more isn’t some insane mandate but rather a gospel reality.

Sin should grieve you to the point where you would rather suffer harm than to continue in sin. The proverbs say that if you are man given to debt to offer everything short of your life that they would release you of that debt while it is today. Why should we be offered in a pledge! Why should we be offered in a debt to our sin when we have been set free! If you are in sin repent and receive God because if you are living in sin than you do not have the spirit of God but rather a spirit of deception. There are no excuses with God. God’s answer is always the same: don’t do it again. Go and sin no more! Go and sin no more! Not because His grace is sufficient and He will understand if you do it again but rather His grace is sufficient in you that you will overcome that need. Because of your love for Him. God justifies faith not sin. Faith is what made Abraham a friend of God and faith is what Jesus required of us. Faith that this life has no hold on us and that if God says that we should sin no more than that is the mode we shall operate in. We will find ways to obey instead of reasons we can’t.

So I say this once more: if you are living in sin than the Spirit is not in you! Repent and believe that God may find mercy in you and cleanse you of your sins that you may be born again of water and of Spirit.

Copeland, Hinn, Bentley, Campbell, Johnson – These are the names of false prophets

I am intentionally being triggersome here because the thing is that we are done the age of playing games and playing reform. The entire initiative of rediscovering scripture and finding “a new way” has been failed. The new way is the promise that one day our church will surpass the construct of the walls of a congregation. Now understand that despite popular belief Paul is the one who initiates the contruct of the church and the idea of having appointed ministers and leadership and rules and chains of command.

We were not truly ready to take off those training wheels and nor were we supposed to be. The great speech of Peter for the early church was best found as a taste of what is to come. For a time they were vibrant and empowered and supernaturally motivated and charged; but rightfully so as they had just seen Jesus and were still dwelling among the 11 men who had walked with Him and their own disciples and converts such as Nicodemus and other factions among the Pharisees and Sadducees who’d been converted by Jesus teaching them. But people get comfortable. 

This is all pretext because what I am stating is that the church is now finally emerging much later than the emergent movement and much in response to the “advances” of this new thing that they are studying into. The church has become largely illegitimate in teaching us how to have discernment and how to function as a Christian among a world enthralled and completely sold out to living in the revels of the flesh to the fullest. An age where YOLO which was first spoken by the church to be the reason to be Christians is now given as excuse to live wildly and undesirably. Of course this is what the teaching of Paul instructs us to do if Christ is not raised from the dead so of course the fruits of negligent and complete unbelief and defiance would result in the same.

You see the problem is that the world is being run into the ground and true prophets worldwide are speaking about the agenda to further us and to pursue wealth and gain, peace and safety or rather peace and prosperity.

After all doesn’t the word safety also define a state of security and a calming of angst, and of which financial security does fall under. The false prophets in the old testament and particularly in Isaiah always came in this same way with their “treasure hunting” prophecies and their “words of encouragement” fixed prophetic beliefs that are very reluctant to bring words of “division or conflict”. They hide behind this persona of peaceful Christianity that was upheld for dealing with times of peace. But in times of war and peril and famine and sword and grand deceptions like the Reische and the rises of Domician, the wicked queen Mary and the rises of other tyrants who sought to extinguish the flames of God and His hand – in these times we are not called to be peaceful, co-existing, tolerance driven Christians who just let bygones be bygones.

If you want to be technical we were never supposed to be living at peace with the wicked nations and co-existing with them. Yes we are expected to be able to withstand trials and differences and tides and times and even during the rise of Babylon to actually go into the city and to find a place among them since it will be a little while till he returns. But we twisted this into belief that we can just let down our guard entirely and that there is even things to be learned from their own bizarre teachings and philosophical babble such as our adoption of “the secret”.

You see false teachers have stolen teachings from mystics and witches and swami’s and healers and have taught other Christians to do the same. They may not necessarily know where these teachings come from and in many cases may have actually been passed along from their spirit guides by teachings of the church about the Holy Spirit. But this holy spirit is a lying spirit and in many instances comes to the higher ups of this movement with great and pleasant angels with pretty pet names such as Emma or Purity. These looming spirits will stand in on the stage during their entire revival meetings or their healing sessions and will be speaking with them. Its terribly, terribly disturbing and is the purpose of this movement; it is to deceive even the elect.

Now I’ve come a long way in my stance on their state before God as it has been stated by Paul Washer that false teachers are a judgment upon those who believe! Because they have sought out teachers who will teach to their own liking and tickle their ears. Because believers are soo tired of enduring indoctrination and being compared to sheep and to bible thumping extremists and the many promises of being a Christian they have sought out a more comfortable path. One that would cater to this idea of awakening as opposed to revival, of an overwhelming physical presence of God rather than a whisper. We want to believe that we are like God.

This is my problem: They want us to believe that we are like God. Like God – this is blasphemy and the original deception that got us here. “You will be like God” the devil says – not just in his image and likeness but you still create and command and jurisdict! Blasphemy! To say that we are like Him being able to command of ourselves the hand of the divine sovereign of the universe as though He were our own caddy. 

Jesus was very clear that He is the one who called the shots and yes, there were times where he healed everyone. But there were many times on his travels and in His ministry where he refuses people or forces them to pursue Him first. God wants you to follow Him or be left behind, He is either for us or against us but He will not play around in the middle. If we think that we can be Gods and that we can carry about an authority much similar to practices of the occult and things released in the book “the Secret ” than we are deceived.  “Our God is in the heavens, and He does whatever he pleases” to quote Shai Linne, in The Attributes of God.

Pull this together with evidences presented by Washer and by Flame Eternal about the false revivals and the movements that were continually refuted at every turn. You will see that these fake prophets have slithered into movement after movement with their radical emotionalist, sensationalist, holy laughter, shaking and quaking and “drunkenness of thespirit” and miracle based teachings that have left many many  believers to question the legitimacy of oneness Pentacostalism and Charismaticism. I do credit the denominations for their commitment to actually be led by the Holy Spirit. However this trust is over extended and if left to listen to false teachers they come from being well intented and maybe even well founded Christians to shipwrecked.

The issue I discovered in leaning on their teachings is that it leaves us in want, with feelings of being forsaken and left alone for long periods of time. Times of refreshing become our only true mission and times of testing and trial are instead interpreted as being dry seasons and seasons where we cracked vessels have had the spirit leaked out of us. We get addicted to this constant need for fresh infillings of “the holy spirit” and this by the laying on of hands and we let people push us over ever so slightly so that we will think we just fell on our own. Now there are times when I have fallen of my own means but this is very different as it is usually in great distress or great brokenness at his grace. Always I can attribute it to the quote “I am a man undone because that is always the case when it happens in my personal prayers or moments unaided by deceitful men pushing me backwards. This constant need for “fresh infillings” is insanity, the Holy Spirit of God is sealed IN us for all of eternity. You are either full or you are empty. The difference is are you walking in it or are you walking in the flesh. There are some among our “converts” who have never actually been saved and are destined for the fires of condemnation due to our meddling and to their own personal fates. By our deception they believe they have the real thing.

But this is leaning a bit into extremes that I am seeking to withhold myself. I only stated this to say that there are some people who think they have the Spirit of God who only have the spirit of iniquity to commit iniquity upon iniquity as is in their power. Look at the appointing and the adulterous scandal of Todd Bentley who was appraised by a clergy of religious leaders of whom you would presume even one may hold discernment to who this man was or that he was not ready. But that is because he had what they wanted, a power in himself. Empowered by eastern mysticism and driven by false visions and dreams characteristic to the kundalini awakening.

So don’t stand up in our church and try to tell us that “God loves us and is going to bless us with great prosperity” and is going to guide us and lead us and so on and so forth and yet say nothing of the global state, the rise and the descent of the Lucifarien and Anti-Christ construct and the move of world leaders to unite under the flag of one world religion (a polytheistic and united religion).