The Score: Life without Grace

The score presently is 0:1. Your ball.
You stand united but to whom?
You hold to loyalty but to what?
You hold to peace but for whom?

In all three courts the answer is none.
In all three kingdoms our answer is one.
One God and King, the Lord of hosts and the King of Kings.
You see the only way you’ll be able to play along is to register whom you are for.
And here’s the kicker: to admit the score is to admit to scoring to all that is despised. We cannot gain points because we know the game is rigged. But luckily we have that one thing that keeps us United. How can you unite with that which only divides. If sin is your God than what is the score. Or do we not want to talk about that. Because I tell you that every play ftom first until last will remain not as a point but as techmical foul.
So the score shall remain 0:1.
For though 1000 are at your left hand and 10,000 are at your right, yet even still we will never agree with the ethics of those who seek to divide us. And so we will only ask you which side are you on.
For a time the score shall stand 3:1. But yet our 1 is 3. And that three commands a host of 40,000,000. And his name is 777, the sacred three and the Lord’s Sephiroth.
And all that He does is Holy so the points remain.
So that makes the new score: 3:40,000,780.
As soon as you pick a side we can resume play. Because the game is on but the court is a jester. Order shall soon be set and the game will commence.

You break and you steal. You maraud and call it righteous. You slander and gossip and muddy the waters so that the putcome is unclear and call it enlightenment. You murder and lie and cheat and steal; kill and destroy! How shall we count these! Are these goals you seek to pass of as righteous.

What is it that I have done to offend thee? Have we not loved when you have wronged us? Have we not forgiven when betrayed? And have we not helped you find justice when the courts men plead falsely that you were guilty?

If we are the enemy than who is your friend?
Who shall come to your aid when you’re wronged if not us? Who than shall forgive you when you are in erring if not for us? Who than shall plead your case when you are guilty, for we are all guilty who have not surrendered in that guilt!

I come as a voice of reason to cry out from the outer walls! Guilty! Guilty!
The immoral woman wipes her lips and says she has done no wrong.
Repent: for the kingdom is at hand! Whether for judgment or grace remains to be seen!
Choose wisely. Those who are not for us are against us.

Your rules: we just are honoring the play
We used to be on the same team but you dismantle what we sought to build and replace our holy places with temples to foreign gods. You destroy the Lord’s house and expect what? That He should sit outside? To be gagged and dragged to our deaths as he was, crucified outside the camp. I say no!

He remembers this like it was yesterday because is Yesterday and He is Today and He is Omega. And He will not be put away gently! Nor shall we! Arise ye dry bones. Arise and see what the Lord hath done

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