If the devil is real

If the devil is real why do we pretend that he has no power in the world. I mean we are willing to believe he can convince is to do drugs, have sex and be a nuisance but this is kiddy leagues compared to the truth. In the old testament the base of his power was much more influential. Babylon and Jezebel and the rise of the enemies of Israel were all moves of immense power and in result of their open communication and allegiance to the gods they serve.

Yet when I say that the world’s governance has been highjacked by Lucifariens who worship at the foot of the owl in Bohemian grove and that there are rings of evil facilities that traffic in mind control through the television and that they are creating alters and splits in our personalities thus programming us I’m considered out to lunch. How come we think so little of real threats yet can spend our efforts praying that Satan would not tempt us to have a cigarette or something stupid and menial.

Why is it so easy to limit the amount of mind to the coming apocalypse when its all there for us to see if we would only take God seriously. I think it’s easier to believe that everything will be okay and we’ll be blessed and healed and can share our supposed Jesus power. But what is the point of all of this if not to pray and to be aware of spiritual darkness in heavenly places. Are our battles with the sins of our own flesh and blood or is it with principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness.

The application of spiritual warfare shows us that real warfare begins not with trials of flesh and a pious effort to remain unsullied alone but to contend with the kingdom of darkness and its schemes. How can we hope to contend with the darkness if we have no grasp of it’s true grips on us. How can we guard our hearts from sexual vices when we are raised on subliminally violating and perverted images hidden into even the most g-rated experiences.

It is commonly taught that to be sexually pure we should not rev up the engines but the more innocent films are directed to have the most perversely damaging effects on us. Turning our desires to homosexual tendancies, and the sexualization of children. Not only do characters often get placed into very adult situations but there is also alter programming and disassociative imagery meant to create secondary personalities and twinning.

How can we know how to represent our political interests and be informed on whom we should vote and which laws to pass if we are unaware of the vast amount of lies and deceit we openly believe from social engineering via social media and entertainment. Laws are passed by Christians to persecute Christians in the name if equality, inclusion and social justice or racial diversity. But all we hear is buzzwords like racism, sexism, bullying, masochistic, narcissistic and nazi.

We buy into race bating and sexual conflict and hate and religious banter and pandering only meant to create division. But instead of fighting the spiritual darkness we dance around with their pretty words and powerful delusions convinced that the real Christians are being closed minded, ignorant, overly religious and hateful for standing up against societal, religious and financial tyranny and oppression.

The devil is alive and well. Aspire for better goals than that 7 year stint of trying to be sexually peer or to quit smoking. All that stuff may be important to you but to God that stuff is only a side effect of the stuff above. You’re sexually permissive because you’re programmed to be. You’re warring with other Christians over ideals that are Unchristian, unethical and false. Your doctrines are subject to propaganda and political activism devised from satanic parties and paid agitators and protesters.

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