Watch “Are You Awake? This is Your Last Chance!” on YouTube

I seriously feel like all i see is people running programs. It’s insane, no emotion, no connection, just entertainment bias. We long to be entertained, to escape reality into fantasy. Videogames and movies and books and other forms of validation all to fit into these tiny little boxes. We consume and eat and obey and run around like little children in the marketplace candy store. We are completely unaware of our surroundings and disenfranchised by the lack of time we have to be entertained.

We are programmed to believe these are our own dreams.

We long for convenience drinking fresh drinks from a can and popcorn and pizza pops. We do five minute workouts and 2 minute prayers and religiously write lists upon lists to maintain our very many things. We have calendars filled with promises and yet our yes and amen is not enough. We commit without any knowledge to what’s ahead and are even required to pledge an extra two weeks, 3 weeks notice on a personal day and are slapped with a vow of silence for fear of offending the almighty customer.

We follow not the advice of our normal boring fathers but hip and cool celebrities who are still living in highschool and making millions. Playboys and playgirls for everyone, and they are hotter than us so we idolize them.

This is why we follow around the kardashians and freak out for the smallest inconvenience. An army of sjws and white knights protecting dan brigole not because they love her but because they want to be her, or because they want her. And we ignore it and pretend its not completely messed up and entirely inappropriate.

We need leafyishere back. He combats the absolute nonsense and exposes highly mature and inappropriate content from hateful propaganda about identifying the dirty jews to you should have sex with your dogs.

Its absolute filth but we can’t say anything about this giant elephant in the darn room. But hey freedom right, we’re still free’ish. Well kinda!

You know how it is…


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