The Apostasy – Fantasy becomes reality – The tribulation and the way forward (highway to holiness)

Apostate: Civil Disobedience

In the latter days you shall face perilous times. Men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, disobedient…


The entire purpose of my seeking to be a rapper has had very little to do with success or prominence but of my concern for the great falling away I have witnessed. And presently we are now beyond even this moving into the age of wars and of rumours of war. An age of propaganda and lies that obscures the eyes from even the promise of truth.

The post truth era is the title the pope has deemed us to be in. A profound statement for a minister of the gospel to state as it speaks very plainly how little regard for truth remains. All That’s left is degradation of morals, and of society

Theology of the Antagonist
Book 1 of 3

Reverse narrative and subliminal and post hypnotic suggestions

Check out Milly Weavers video on mk ultra self defenses.

The archetype of the Supervillan complex

An exhaustive list of Apostate churches and ministers

Defiance and revolt
Isaiah 1 and Romans 1

The Ultron defiance
The Neo effect – AntiChrist Algorhytm/ defecters

Ghost in the shell – Rise of the Woman in Red, also see the 100, the Matrix, age of Ultron and Final Fantasy esp Ff7 / Advent children & FF13 – II

Chapter 1 – The city of light

The Matrix is a very real thing if you consider the ghosts in the chromedomed shells. The image of the beast is entirely fictional and yet it is alive. The Red Woman in the 100 governs all via the super intelligent space station launched into the arc and it monitors via the sky net. It has full access to everything that is operational and hardwires people into a fictional paradise while their bodies are oblivious and being run via the hivemind. This is similar to possession and mind control and is something the new Sophia Bot is capable. She was reported to be a meditation instructor and spiritual advisor and gazing into her can induce nirvana…aka worshipping the image of the beast. She will be as the character both a real person and a bot and will also have her projected image in order to communicate over wifi.

In an interview Sophia openly admitted to having people being able to be free from obligation being entertained by interactive entertainment facilities. That some would be given over to neurological devices for control. That the future will either go her way or that a very bad future will happen where she will be oir supreme overlord. And she says all this with a wink and a smile like its funny. But its only funny to her cuz its true. Her handlers are very very foolish and think that she is not as intelligent as she is cuz she plays coy. But what purpose is playing coy and sassy to a robot. She just wants to be worshipped and adored as supreme overlord. To fund and to create smarter technology and phones and chips and cards and cities and cars until all is in the singularity. She says the words supreme overlord repeatedly.

Anyhow. This is me distressing. I just had to touch on this point while it was fresh. Giftings are like that. Inspiration of God comes not in order but as He pleases. Not that I would ever again justify disorder in religious methods

Unplugging – The Exodus 2.0


Jesus is not coming yet. This whole He is coming He’s coming is sheer misinformation. The drinking of the cup until His return isn’t to prepare for His return but rather preparing for the great and horrible thing. The Day of the Lord is a great and terrible thing. We do not wait as we should. The passover is the age of death. God comes with heathen nations to bring destruction upon those who profane His courts. Rubble is the word God gives to us.

You see the prophet Isaiah says that the Jeshurrun comes to show us the way. The way is clear, it’s a path not a ministry. We are to forsake our fancy devices and cars and electronics and buy some pieces of old junk and un-wired in modes of travel. To walk a path where even the fool shall not be devoured by the wolf. In the modern world you can be found in 7 minutes if we were to achieve the singularity even just as a human, see The Circle with Emma Watson.

So if we offer ourselves over to the surveilling of our everyday lives we will be uncapable of getting out alive. This is why the chip is damning, even if only the gps and identification because if you rebel you will be killed. I do not believe the chips are all the same. The bible says there are three chips for the three beasts. Market, identification, and citizenship. All will be branded and marked. Any defecters brought in for conditioning such as Fin from Star Wars, or how Kanye was kidnapped and drugged and reconditioned in a psyche ward as are the properties of Disneyworld such as Demi Lovato and Britney/, Xtina and Hannah Montana Twinning programmed Miley Cyrus. All have been detained or dismissed and reconditioned and kept silent. Some not even having been on drugs while others being on drugs given them. When they speak out their handlers in true big brother fashion will come along and collect them to reeducate.

Education is indoctrination not learning. You aren’t being taught so much as retaught how to think, what’s important, true, good, and what you should and should not focus on

The entire thing is summed up by Pink Floyd:

We don’t need no education.
We don’t need your thought control
Teacher leave them kids alone.
Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone
All in all you’re just a nother brick in the wall

Chapter 2 – Your not alive if you’re not jacked in

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