Religious Pandering

So get this. Go to a bible study and its like hey… What is religion, I just wanna be free. Jesus wasn’t a feel good hippy okay. And getting rid of my favourite coat to your God isn’t going to take away the weight of 32 years of trauma. So back off with your religious bull crap people.

Christianity is a joke and a byword. We have some ass clown secretly playing into the same wars as Bush and nobody bats an eye. Why ate we still rooting for this man. If this is where the world is going I pray for lotsa fire 🔥 🔥.

Too much religious and political banter leads into virtue signaling and religious banter and propaganda and pandering. We kiss ass and manage our micro-aggressions cuz God forbid we restrict the freedom of somebody sucking the life out of the damn room. So we listen to a bunch of worship… On repeat because “God had spoken”. And than its “God says your a mighty warrior cuz you’re tall… Okay than… Like wtf is God smoking. This garbage is cancerous and i fear for the Christians on judgment day. It’s stupid and its sacrement and blasphemy and false prophecy and deeply rooted in false teaching, sogn seeking and the manifest sons of destiny doctrine so easily prevalent in all the prophetic ministry’s. Prophet is an office. Not some party trick to get the Jesus juice revving. Its mockery and insults those who ate looking for help and hope and prayer. I hate it. I’m pissed… And this new coats not even warm.. But i appreciate the kind gesture to soothe this cruel joke for ministry.

They were praying in tongues and committing shakti with anointing oil and applying oil to unclean surfaces. The whole thing was disgraceful. Lucifer is the known as Be- Elzebub for being unclean. Flies and maggots and bugs infested their temples because it was not a place of worship but rather blasphemous acts and for human sacrifice. Why all the Satanism in the church. Do we even know what holiness is anymore or has the mystery religion already won. The Gospel of John has been indeed turned bitter in my mouth as I look at the prevalent culture of the church. John was told this in Revelation. That His testimony would become bitter. And it had. God repents of us once more and sends harbingers and yet we rejoice rather than recoil in fear of a Wrathful Father. How many children willingly disregard their own wrothful fathers. What became of doing so. Was it pleasant or unbeneficial. All things are permitted yet i say once more not all is beneficial.

When i was a child i thought as a child, acted and behaved as a child. But I am a man, I have put away the childish antics that I’ve found not to serve me.

Christianity is supposed to be a beacon. Its ordinary, boring, feels unfruitful, underwhelming and it promotes a quiet life in a humble abode. No extravagance, no great ambitions. Just Jesus and your quaint little home.

If God wants you he’ll have made that clear to you. I knee it before i even came to Jesus. I am sooo glad i learned about God before getting tips because from what i see i dodged a bullet. So many of my contemporaries are bitter, ornery, flaky and controlled by some itch in their spirit to get spiritual jollies out of the most meaningless shit. Try feeding homeless people and helping them get around instead of writing articles about how they are a nuisance and must be stopped so don’t give them money… Stop what: being fucking homeless. Like who the hell writes this crap.

This whole world needs to have a serious wake up call and I can see one coming from a mile away because unlike the watchmen who like the disciples fell asleep in the midnight hour i am watching and praying like I was told to.

Look around you. This isn’t our home anymore. To quote Willow in Buffy: They’ve made it theirs. And they’re having fun. I could cry: i have on many occasions. I fear for you because you’re all so clueless to the truth of our destructive powers. We are capable of pure evil. And it is pulsing in the planet like a noxious gas in the air deluding the minds of all. We are dying of radiation poisoning. We’re addicted to its mind altering powers and the euphoric rush of having the whole world of knowledge at pur finger tips. We have uncovered all things and now there is now privacy, only solicitation. The world is the marketplace of which Isaiah spoke. The whole world at the click of a button. People who agree with us are dangerous… And we travel in droves wreaking whatever personal havocs would be groomed in such environments.

So yeah… If you would kindly hit reset and go back to 2004 grade Christianity that would be nice. The bible used to mean something but anymore it just seems like a good book you read for a study guide to your own ideas.

Life lacks purpose

There is literally no meaning to life unless you intend to honour it. I live intentionally because I’m praying that it becomes my default. That when people remember me it’s not all of the stuff that I buried but rather the good things that I have been doing and the heart I put on display. I pray that when people see me that they see my light and that Jesus has overshadowed my flaws to a point of being docile. Self denial is an inaccurate translation of denying oneself. Self-denial is unhealthy and is harmful. A proper depiction is to be negligent to those things in which our flesh desires. Not to war at the flesh in our greatest effort but to neglect and to overlook the thing entirely. We manage to suck at that thing badly because we can’t be bothered to get better at sinning. Saints don’t hide evidence and horde away proof of their convictions but rather are only concerned with putting it out of our minds entirely except for reflection and for prayer and for accountability and confessions.

A Christian as i am i experience this. People make fun of me because i smoke and yet i don’t smoke. But why would i have a lighter… I wasn’t even planning on smoking. I forget to pack smokes all the time. I can’t roll them and i look stupid when i do it.

This is all a good thing. If i was trying to get better at this so that i wasn’t gonna be picked on for my sins than that wouldn’t really help me in the long run. Comfort is for godly habits not for carnal impulses.

Christians don’t remember those passwords to those bad sites and they don’t have bookmarks or secret browsers. They don’t know which site is better or have accounts so that they can comment on it because they don’t even want to be there in the first place. Why would i want messages about my favourite video. I don’t want to remember any of this.

This is the difference between us. We don’t like this stuff. I don’t know any dealers so i cant even buy weed. I dont even have a dispensary because i know that i dont need the weed im smoking and cant justify it in order to get more. I don’t want more.

And so on

Kundilini Awakenings

Kundilini awakening, meditations and visualizations, esp. Any of dark nature or satanic rites vows or rituals.

Blood pacts and rites, star gazing, tarot and divination – spirit reading palms, fortune tellers or any form of the zodiacs.

Play as you will if you dare but there are consequences

Don’t seek counsel outside the divine inspiration of God

He is jealous and will strike