No longer playing Hearthstone and you should consider it too

So I watched a video about the meaning behind into the wood a while back based on a music video by Taylor Swift and how it was a symbol for hoe she had sold herself to the Hollywood system. It was a picture of the grooming process and how in the beginning the woods are meant to be scary in order to draw you deeper into the heart of the wood. Eventually the person realizes that they are too deep inly to look back. But than the handler will begin to stalk their prey deeper into the wood.

You see Hollywood is the wood and Holly was a plant commonly used in dark magic and was thus the emphasis in calling it Hollywood or literally Witchwood.

And so when the targeted individual gives up trying to escape their grasps they take their rightful place in the witchwood and the witches and ghouls will give them solice.

So I quickly noticed the new witchwood expansion was based on this evil program of mk ultra monarch grooming and that I was going to have to watch for things in the game.

But as i played the adventure mode where i go into the woods, yes literally acting out the process which already bothered me, I began to notice things that disturbed me. Like my main monster for Darius Crowley (As in Alister Crowley) would say start running. He was a formidable monster with a giant shield like one you would use in a Roman Legion to force the oppressed into the course you choose.

So then I also notice that I am not fighting normal fiends but distirbing symbolism for kidnapping like a gnomenapper who stole my monsters and threw them into bags (aka kidnapper).

Getting to the end I encounter a witch and bragging I had found her she claims she sold herself to the witch because if I knew their power I would bend my knee like my hounds (dogs being submissive and beneath them). And than she said she had not been tracked but that I had been lured and the final blow she said that it was so easy to mind control me after I killed her monster like I was being mk ultra’d into doing everything according to the predictive program.

Now this is not cool. I am very bothered that this is okay and it goes unchecked because they hide behind uninterpretable admissions to crimes against humanity. I dunno what kinda crap they are trying to pull but I don’t appreciate being controlled and especially being forced to indulge their stupid fantasy game just for garbage cards i already have. This is just one more thing that leaves me praying for the judgment of mankind to be swift.