Rap Prophet

Rap Prophet

Track #1: Rap Prophet

The Lord’s Sephiroth

Album: 777


Forget gods and devils

I’m the rap rebel

Raps prophet

I tell the whole game to quit

I spent my whole life

Standing between Em and life

So when Mgk came

I had to bow to the king of the game

But I’m not a god, not the devil neither

I’m a prophet cuz the game has a a message, you’ll never beat her

Raps not dead, they ain’t snakes

Y’all just ain’t know the stakes

This is my time Slim it’s on

Legend of the angry blond

So let’s all stand up

My names Eric, America what up

White America stand up

All the real Slim Shadys with yer fingers up

Cuz the real Slims shady

Libtard crazy

Hazy, hates all that ain’t he

And sucking off Jay Z

Who’s gonna free this town

Chris Geo says it’s us

NWO going down

And y’all just wanna make a fuss

I don’t even like to cuss

Angry blond off the bus

Not afraid cuz Oscar used to be great

But throwing coffee pots is 3rd grade

I heard the diss to Trump

Heard the diss to MGK

And I gotta say Slim y’all fell off and GKs on his game

But what do you expect from the goat

AntiChrists favourite, take note

Beyoncé and Jay Z own you

What does Dre say fool

Talking about dirty needles

You sound like Sug bro

You used to be the Beatles

Now y’all just Yolo Ono

Never saw a black person before

I dye my hair to honor this white whore

My jaws on the floor cuz Slim is still asking for me